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Founded in 1976, Tex Year Group has accumulated technologies and experiences in the adhesive field in Greater China Region for over 40 years. With products sold to more than 90 countries, Tex Year Group it is a listed company in Taiwan.

We provide various industrial adhesion assembly technology, cooperating with large-scale international companies such as HumiSeal, Denka, TOYOBO, DIABOND, DAIKIN, and TAG for sales. We have established local technology service team in Taiwan, Guangzhou, Jiangsu, Wuxi, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India, and Poland. Additionally, we have global sales services in place for our customers.

Initially, Tex Year Group was primarily engaged in the production of products such as super glues products, and then we began our R&D and sales for products such as Hot Melt Adhesives, Light Curing Adhesives, Light Curing Coating, 2-Part Acrylic Structural Adhesives, and water-based adhesives that may be customized for the application on special specification and conditions. We have 8 production plants around the world.

Agent Brand

Except for our self-made products, we also distribute products such as special adhesives, chemicals, and conductive materials, including HumiSeal Conformal Coating for protecting electronic circuits from US, Danka HARDLOC 2-Part Acrylic Structural Adhesives, TOYOBO ITO Transparent Conductive Film and Conductive Ink (Conductive Paste), DIABOND High-Performance Adhesives, DAIKIN Fluorine Release Agent, Water-Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, Inorganic Ceramic Adhesives, and Moisture Curing Adhesives from Japan, and TAG Release Agent from Germany.

Technology Service

Adhesive bonding technology involves many aspects including production technique, product design, and equipment. To deal with specific needs for adhesion difficulties, high-temperature resistance, potting, and release, Tex Year Group imports various special chemicals and various adhesive products from Japan, Germany, the US, also producing self-made products. It also has a capable professional R&D team that is committed to meet the requirements of all the precision industrial manufacturing procedures as well as help resolve the adhesive selection and application for all manufacturing procedures operation and equipment condition in different industries. It holds unscheduled seminars to share the latest information with customers and provide customers with value-added adhesive programs.

Product Application

The adhesive program has a wide range of applications, including OPTO flat panel display, touch panel, LED, camera module, optical lens, electrical and electronic engineering, circuit board, loudspeaker, headset, motor, composite materials, sports equipment, PVC floor, transportation, medical syringes, medical catheter, crystal glass, wooden furniture, green energy wind power generation, electric scooter, and motor.

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