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Sinfonia Technology Co., Ltd

SINFONIA シンフォニアテクノロジ(formerly Kobelco Electric SHINKO) is a Japanese company with over 100 years of history. Tex Year Group serves as the general agent and sales team for SINFONIA in Taiwan. We possess extensive manufacturing and developmental experience in the professional field of vibration equipment. The products available for sale include UHF vibrating machines, vibrating feeders, industrial vibrating machines, and vibrating plate controllers, among others.

Product Name
Product Specification
drive unit
Number of vibrations per second: 360~600Hz.
Low reaction force.
Increased frequency, less runout, less damage to parts.
Passive components, MLCCs, quartz chips, LEDs.
Chip industry
Ultra-high frequency
Self-developed software for faster processing.
Easy adjustment with digital piezoelectric valve.
Passive components, LEDs.
Chip industry
Dual Coil Drive DM/DMS
Horizontal/vertical control adjustment respectively.
For smooth and high speed transport of long parts.
Pen body, nails, screws and other long parts.
Automation equipment
Round drive EA/ER
EA type is applicable to small precision parts below 10mm
Panel diameter 150~700mm
EA type is applicable to parts above10mm
Panel diameter 250〜1,100mm
For general electronic parts
Automation equipment
Controller C10
Available from 45 to 360Hz drive
Constant amplitude device, stable feeding
4~20mA remote external control
All electromagnetic vibrator drives (within 5A)
Automation equipment
Horizontally conveying drive part
Low reaction force design
Reduce vibration interference
Smooth transport on the track
For general electronic parts
Automation equipment
Vibration motor drive RVS
The motor eccentric block principle is used to generate vibration, and the large vibration effect makes it particularly suitable for large-capacity chutes, etc. Even materials that are difficult to flow or easily stick to other vibrators can flow smoothly without clogging problems and pile-ups in one go.
It is also the ideal drive source for all kinds of vibrating equipment.
Food transport (sugar, etc.), iron ore, granular substances, etc.
Electromagnetic drive F
It can enable accurate blanking and screening of powder particles, so as to improve the yield and quality of products.
Food transport (sugar, etc.), iron ore, precision dose, granular substances, etc.
Eccentric shaft drive BM
The balanced vibrator has a simple structure. The effective balance between the tank body and the counterweight weakens the vibration reaction force. The whole structure is supported by the anti-vibration spring, which minimizes the possibility of vibration transmission to the base and greatly reduces the bearing force of the floor or the frame.
Food transport (sugar, etc.), iron ore, slags, granular substances, etc.
High-speed dynamometer
Engine stand test device
Power assembly test device
Crash test device
Inverter load simulator
Ultra-low inertia dynamometer
Motor performance/ efficiency evaluation
High-speed engine+ battery simulator
S1 Bench (High precision measurement specifications)
Achieve the specification of 20,000 rpm 400 kW 700 Nm.
Three-phase PWM Mode (sine wave, overmodulation, square wave)
Protective equipment: Input overvoltage, output overcurrent, measurement
Measurement item: fundamental wave (voltage, current, power), harmonic wave, speed, torque, temperature cooling control
Tests up to 4 axis configurations and combinations with multiple inverters, also supports the evaluation of high voltage units, etc.
Test motor performance /efficiency evaluation of electric vehicle.
Measurement item: fundamental wave (voltage, current, power), harmonic wave, speed, torque, various temperature.
Automotive Electronics