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Choosing TEX YEAR, an authorized professional HumiSeal distributor with over 30 years of experience!


HumiSeal conformal coatings offer three protective functions for circuit board protection: moisture resistance, salt mist resistance, and mold resistance. They effectively safeguard circuit boards from moisture, contamination, and corrosion, thus enhancing their reliability.

HumiSeal is the world's leading brand in conformal coatings, with over 60 years of specialized experience. It is a company under the American Chase Corporation that manufactures protective coatings for circuit boards. The name "HumiSeal" is derived from the combination of the English words "Humidity" and "Seal," implying the sealing of objects against humidity and pollution.

Why choose TEX YEAR when looking for HumiSeal conformal coatings?

HumiSeal conformal coatings are designated for use in the automotive, household appliance, industrial control, and optoelectronics industries, and TEX YEAR is their top-tier distributor in Taiwan. With HumiSeal's original factory authorization and a hazardous chemical operating permit, TEX YEAR offers customers peace of mind through professional products and technical services.

With over 30 years of experience, TEX YEAR provides a comprehensive range of HumiSeal conformal coating products, including conformal coating, HumiSeal Thinner, Acrylic series, Polyurethane series, Synthetic Rubber series, Silicone series, environmentally friendly and fast-curing UV moisture-dual curing series, and water-based products.

In addition to HumiSeal conformal coatings, TEX YEAR also offers diluents, removers, and peelable solder masks for customers' convenience. All HumiSeal products are directly imported from the United States and available in stock, accompanied by original factory technical support.


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