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HumiSeal manufactures a complete product series of LOCA (Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive) liquid transparent optical adhesives.

These products are single-component adhesives that can be cured through ultraviolet (UV) light, making them an industry standard in the manufacturing of optical displays and devices.

LOCA liquid optical adhesives are highly suitable for high-speed or large-scale production lines that require rapid or immediate curing. Additionally, their single-component curing principle ensures consistent and reliable performance, eliminating concerns about mixing ratios or heat generation.


Introducing the features and advantages of HumiSeal LOCA liquid transparent optical adhesives:



Full Product Range

Suitable for various applications such as touch panels, direct bonding, large displays, protective covers, and water-resistant panels.

Low-Energy UV Cure

Low-temperature application process reduces stress on the LCD.

Low Shrinkage

Minimizes stress caused by deformation on the LCD, achieving ultra-low MURA (unevenness in display brightness).

Low Modulus

Combined with low shrinkage, it reduces internal stress on the LCD, achieving ultra-low MURA.

High Adhesion

Exhibits excellent adhesion to various substrates, ensuring a robust bonding.

Low Haze

Low light scattering results in clear and sharp image quality.

High Transmission

Ultra-clean manufacturing reduces particle buildup in the liquid, leading to high transmittance.

Index Matching

Eliminates lateral displacement and glare reflection, resulting in high-contrast outcomes.

Low Dielectric Constant

Ideal for use with various touch panel technologies.


HumiSeal LOCA liquid transparent optical adhesives offer a wide range of advantages, making them an excellent choice for applications in the optical display and device manufacturing industry.

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