Smart Watch Assembly Made Easy with PUR Adhesives

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Smart Watch Assembly Made Easy with PUR Adhesives


Smartwatch Market Global Trends

Based on Mordor Intelligence survey, the global smartwatch market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 27.78% from 134.12 million units in 2023 to 456.89 million units by 2028. Rising urbanization and the demand for aesthetically appealing, feature-rich smartwatches, particularly among millennials, drive this growth. Smartwatches currently function as smartphone companions, sharing information with a limited number of compatible devices. Increasing health consciousness also fuels market expansion as smartwatches enable health monitoring and remote patient care.

PUR moisture curing adhesive for Smart Watch Assembly

Tex Year, a pioneer in adhesive manufacturing, offers diverse PUR hot melt adhesive products for smartwatch assembly. Our solutions suit high-end international brands and basic local brands, delivering superior performance. Specifically formulated for dry conditions, our adhesives ensure excellent results in challenging environments. Increase efficiency with faster curing times, boosting productivity and reducing production timelines.

Points to Consider When Selecting PUR Adhesive:

When choosing the appropriate PUR adhesive for smartwatch assembly, several critical factors should be taken into account:

      As the smartwatch market continues to witness unprecedented growth, choosing high-quality adhesive products is of paramount importance for manufacturers. Tex Year's range of PUR moisture curing hot melt adhesive solutions delivers outstanding performance, ensuring secure bonding, durability, and resistance to environmental factors. Our proven track record of excellence in meeting customer needs has solidified our reputation in the industry. Embrace the future of smartwatch assembly with Tex Year's premium PUR adhesive solutions. 



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