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Understanding Flame Retardant Adhesive and UL Certification: Why is UL hot melt adhesive important ?



What is Flame Retardant Adhesive?

Flame Retardant Adhesive is a type of hot melt adhesiveadhesive that is specifically formulated to slow down or inhibit the spread of flames and reduce the flammability of the materials to which it is applied. These hot melt adhesives are designed to enhance fire safety in various industries, including electronics, construction, and automotive, by preventing or delaying the ignition and spread of fires.


What is UL Hot Melt Adhesive? 

"Are all flame retardant adhesive with ul certification?"

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is a well-known organization that tests and certifies products for safety and compliance with specific performance standards. UL94 certification is a global standard for evaluating the flammability performance and flame-retardant properties of materials. Flame Retardant Adhesives will undergo UL testing and receive UL certification if they meet the required safety and performance criteria. This certification primarily focuses on testing and verifying the safety of electronic products and plastic components, classifying materials into six grades, each representing the material's performance in flame tests and the degree of flame retardancy.


What is UL 94V-0 flame rating? 

UL94 Rating Scale


Slow burning on a horizontal specimen.

Burning rate < 76 mm/min for thickness < 3 mm or burning stops before 100 mm


Burning stops within 30 seconds on a vertical specimen.

Drips of particles allowed as long as they are no inflamed


Burning stops within 30 seconds on a vertical specimen.

Drips of particles allowed as long as they are no inflamed


Burning stops within 10 seconds on a vertical specimen.

Drips of particles allowed as long as they are not inflamed.


Burning stops within 60 seconds on a vertical specimen.

No drips allowed; plaque specimens may develop a hole.


Burning stops within 60 seconds on a vertical specimen.

No drips allowed; plaque specimens may not develop a hole.



What are Benefits for UL94 Certification?

UL94 certification is essential across various industries and products as it signifies compliance with specific safety and performance standards, ensuring products are market-ready and highly credible. Fire-retardant adhesives, which help extinguish flames and slow fire spread, are particularly important.

1. Exceptional Flame Retardant Performance:

UL94-V0 certified materials rapidly extinguish when exposed to a flame source, reducing the risk of fire spread and enhancing product safety.

2. Product Protection:

Electronic products require added protection for sensitive components. UL94-certified hot melt adhesives can encapsulate and secure these components, safeguarding them from mechanical damage and external factors.

3. Regulatory Compliance:

Recent years have seen stringent regulations mandating flame retardant properties for products. UL94 V-0 certification ensures compliance with these regulations, assuring product safety.



Choosing Your Best UL Hot Helt Adhesives

UL-certified hot melt adhesives represent a versatile and eco-friendly choice for applications demanding superior flame resistance. Compliant with the stringent UL94 V-0 specification, these UL hot melt adhesives serve as effective barriers against flame propagation. Tex Year offer UL Hot Melt Adhesive with a 100% solid content, non-toxic, solvent-free solution, making them one of the most environmentally conscious hot melt adhesive options. 

Product NameAppearanceViscosity
Polyolefin serieswhite strip14,000~16,000cps160℃)
Polyolefin series halogen freewhite strip17,000~19,000cps160℃)
Low temperature resistancewhite strip14,000~16,000cps160℃)
Chemical resistant Polyamidewhite strip, granular5,000~6,000cps180℃)


The application of UL hot melt adhesive




1. Automotive Electronics:

In the automotive industry, UL hot melt adhesives play a crucial role in potting and encapsulating electronics, as well as bonding heat sinks and circuit boards.

(1) Potting and Encapsulation 

In automotive electronics, sensitive components and circuitry are often exposed to challenging environments, including heat, moisture, and vibration. UL hot melt adhesives are used for potting and encapsulating these components, providing a protective barrier that shields them from external factors. This ensures the longevity and reliability of electronic systems in vehicles.

(2) Bonding Heat Sinks  

Heat sinks are crucial in dissipating heat generated by electronic components in a vehicle. UL-certified adhesives are used to bond heat sinks to electronic components, ensuring efficient heat transfer and preventing overheating, which can be a fire hazard.

(3) Circuit Board Bonding  

The bonding of circuit boards in automotive electronics is a critical application. UL hot melt adhesives are used to secure and insulate circuit boards, reducing the risk of short circuits, which could lead to fires.

(4) Fire Safety︱  

Automotive electronics need to comply with strict safety standards, and fire safety is a top priority. UL-certified adhesives play a significant role in enhancing fire safety by resisting ignition and delaying the spread of flames, helping to protect both the vehicle and its occupants.

(5) Mechanical and Environmental Durability 

 Automotive electronics are exposed to various mechanical stresses and environmental factors. UL hot melt adhesives offer strong bonding capabilities that ensure the longevity and durability of electronic components in challenging automotive environments.


2. Industrial Control Electronics:

When using UL-certified adhesives in Industrial Control Electronics, several crucial aspects and considerations come into play to ensure safety, reliability, and compliance with standards:

(1) Electrical Insulation 

UL-certified hot melt adhesives are often used to insulate and secure electrical components. They must possess excellent electrical insulating properties to prevent short circuits and ensure the safe operation of electronic systems.

(2) Heat Resistance 

Industrial control electronics may generate significant heat during operation. UL hot melt adhesives must have high heat resistance to maintain their integrity and adhesive strength in elevated-temperature environments.

(3) Robust Bonding 

Secure bonding is essential for electronic components and assemblies in industrial control systems. UL hot melt adhesives should provide strong, reliable bonds to prevent component displacement or separation, even in environments subject to vibrations or mechanical stresses.


3. Aerospace Electronics:

Within the aerospace industry, strict regulations govern cabin interior materials. These UL hot melt adhesives must be fire-retardant and produce minimal smoke in the event of a fire to ensure passenger safety. Fire-resistant adhesives are a critical component in meeting these stringent safety standards.

(1) Safety and Reliability 

Ensuring the safety and reliability of aerospace electronics is paramount. UL hot melt adhesives play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and performance of critical systems, which is essential for aviation safety.

(2) Electrical Insulation  

These UL hot melt adhesives must offer exceptional electrical insulation properties to prevent short circuits and ensure the safe and reliable functioning of electronic components and systems in an aircraft.

(3) Fire Safety  

Aerospace electronics are subjected to stringent fire safety standards. UL-certified hot melt adhesives must effectively inhibit the spread of flames and resist ignition to help prevent fires in an aircraft's critical systems.

(4) High Temperature Resistance  

Aerospace electronics often operate in high-temperature environments, such as within aircraft engines or near avionics equipment. UL hot melt adhesives must have excellent high-temperature resistance to maintain their performance and adhesive strength under extreme heat conditions.


To sum up, utilizing the UL hot melt adhesive can significantly enhance the safety of electronic products, reduce the risk of fires, and ensure their proper functioning under various conditions.



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