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Choosing an Eco-Friendly UL Adhesive, Halogen-Free 318U Flame Retardant Adhesive


In today's environmentally-conscious world, the demand for sustainable solutions is on the rise. Tex Year has developed a Eco-Friendly UL hot melt adhesive, 318U with UL94 V-0 certified. Traditional flame retardant adhesives have long relied on complex formulations that often contain harmful substances, posing environmental and health risks. Enter 318U, a new-generation UL-certified flame retardant adhesive, poised to transform the landscape of flame retardant technologies.


Why Halogen-Free Flame Retardant Adhesive is important?


The UL hot melt adhesive, 318U, compounds employed in electronic devices are subject to stringent demands, necessitating robust heat resistance and flame retardant qualities. Within the European Union, explicit regulations mandate that adhesives utilized in electrical products must obtain the esteemed UL94 V-0 certification prior to market distribution. Simultaneously, the RoHS Directive and REACH regulations firmly dictate that raw material components, when incorporated into electrical and electronic products, must scrupulously adhere to specified safety standards.


In response to these exacting prerequisites, we have engineered a cutting-edge UL hot melt glue stick meticulously tailored for securing electronic components. This innovative UL hot melt glue transcends the mere criteria of heat resistance and bonding strength, setting a higher benchmark by fully aligning with RoHS and REACH regulations. Moreover, UL hot melt glue has excelled in the rigorous UL94 V-0 flame retardant test, affirming its robust fire-resistant capabilities. This pioneering adhesive, known as 318U, represents a paradigm of eco-friendly adhesive solutions specifically designed to harmonize with these multifaceted demands.


Discover the features of Tex Year's 318U, an eco-friendly UL Hot Melt Adhesive:


318U, as a UL hot melt adhesive, is certified by UL94 V-0 polyolefin flame retardant adhesive. However, it's important to note that the composition of flame retardant adhesives can be quite intricate, and their constituents may raise environmental concerns. These concerns stem from the presence of certain substances, including heavy metals and antimony trioxide, which have been prohibited by EU RoHS regulations due to their classification as Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC).


Similarly, EU REACH regulations have banned the use of such substances. Additionally, some flame retardant adhesives incorporate halogen-based components to achieve superior flame retardancy. This preference for halogen flame retardants is driven by their exceptional fire-inhibiting properties, making them a prevalent choice in the formulation of these adhesives. However, it's crucial to strike a balance between fire safety and environmental considerations when formulating flame retardant adhesives.

1. High Heat Resistance: 318U UL hot melt adhesive exhibits excellent heat resistance, making it suitable for demanding applications in high-temperature environments.

2. Strong Adhesion Strength: This UL hot melt adhesive provides robust bonding, ensuring that components remain securely attached even under challenging conditions.

3. Low Density: With a low-density composition, 318U, UL hot melt adhesive minimizes material consumption and reduces its environmental footprint.

4. Minimal Flame Retardant Content: Despite its flame-retardant properties, 318U, UL hot melt adhesive,contains a low amount of flame retardants, reducing its impact on the environment.

5. Eco-Friendly Composition: 318U,UL hot melt adhesive is free from heavy metals, Sb2O3, SVHC, and halogens, aligning with eco-friendly standards and regulations.


Environmentally Friendly Innovation


With the growing global awareness of environmental issues, the need for eco-friendly UL hot melt adhesive has never been greater. In response, Tex Year has developed Halogen-Free UL hot melt adhesive,318U. This hot melt glue eliminates harmful substances commonly found in traditional formulations and replaces them with environmentally friendly phosphorus-based flame retardants. The result is a hot melt glue that not only enhances fire safety but also upholds a strong commitment to sustainability.


Enhanced Bonding Strength, Increased Environment Friendly

One of the standout features of 318U UL hot melt adhesive is its ability to significantly reduce the quantity of flame retardant required while simultaneously improving bonding strength across various materials. While traditional adhesives often contain approximately 15% to 20% halogen-based flame retardants, such as 918A and 914W, and 20% to 35% phosphorus-based flame retardants, 318U UL hot melt glue breaks the mold by maintaining a flame retardant proportion of less than 10%. This remarkable achievement has been establishing 318U as a groundbreaking solution in the realm of flame retardant adhesives.


Fig. 1: Tex Year's UL Grade UL hot melt adhesive at a Glance





RoHS 2.0

With lead(Pb) 5 ppm

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With lead(Pb) 5 ppm



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Halogen Free

(Green peace)

With Br and Cl

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With Br and Cl


Fig. 1 provides a concise overview of Tex Year's UL grade hot melt adhesives.


It is evident that both 914W and 918A contain significant quantities of heavy metals, antimony trioxide (Sb2O3), PBDE (Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers), and halogen components, all of which have well-documented detrimental effects on the environment. In stark contrast, 318U stands alone as the only Tex Year product free from these harmful substances.


In conclusion, the introduction of 318U UL grade hot melt adhesive marks a significant leap forward in flame retardant adhesive. Not only does it prioritize fire safety, but it also champions environmental responsibility. As we move towards a more sustainable future, 318U stands as a testament to Tex Year's commitment to innovation, safety, and the well-being of our planet.


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