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HumiSeal® dedicated to Sustainable Goals offering Advanced Conformal Coating Product Lineup



The world is increasingly focused on sustainable development, and as an expert in conformal coating, HumiSeal® is setting new goals for the conformal coating industry. The company has introduced a range of new UV-curing products and enhancing existing ones during Productronica 2021 exhibition. Significant improvements have been made to UV light and traditional materials, including UV40 LED, UVA 300, UV500-2, UV92-AMP, UV20GEL, 1A33, and more. These high-quality materials are designed to meet the environmental protection, safety, and sustainability requirements of the electronics industry, offering you the best choice.


Commenting on the new range of sustainable and user friendly materials EMEIA Manager for HumiSeal, Chris Palin said:

“Sustainability and environmental protection are terms that are becoming increasingly topical and urgent. Our position as a leading vendor in conformal coating materials means we have a responsibility to lead by example. I believe these new product developments cements our commitment to continually setting the benchmark not just in material performance that deliver enhanced characteristics for our customers but also in minimising our environmental impact to improve our environment and protect our future.”


Leading the Way in Sustainable Conformal Coating Materials

With a rich history of over 60 years in the field, HumiSeal has consistently demonstrated innovation by adapting to emerging technologies and market requirements in the ever-evolving electronics landscape. As electronics continue to find their way into increasingly severe and demanding environments, the role of conformal coatings in safeguarding these components becomes increasingly crucial.

1. UV40 LED: An Eco-Friendly Material

UV40 is an environmentally friendly, solvent-free UV conformal coating incorporating 50% sustainable organic materials. Fast forward to today, and HumiSeal proudly introduces UV40 LED, a product designed for curing using LED UV light. This innovative solution retains the advantages of its predecessor, including swift curing and an impressive thermal range. However, the game-changer is the significantly reduced energy consumption required for curing, making it a far more sustainable option compared to traditional microwave and arc curing methods.


2. UVA300: Sustainability Meets Performance

Leveraging low-energy LED curing technology, UVA300 offers an improved chemically resistant coating with unparalleled flexibility characteristics. The use of LED curing not only simplifies the process but also guarantees consistent curing, reduced energy consumption, lower equipment maintenance costs, and eliminates hazardous ozone and UVC exposure. UVA300 is tailor-made for medium and high-volume PCB manufacturing applications, ensuring fast curing, short cycle times, and maximum production speeds. Its solvent-free, dual-cure chemistry, coupled with secondary moisture curing, ensures complete material cross-linking even in the most challenging areas.


3. UV500-2: Meeting Automotive Demands

UV500-2 is an enhanced version of the well-loved UV500, catering to the rigorous thermal shock requirements of the automotive industry. This product facilitates operation at higher temperatures, up to 150°C. Offering a 100% solids, UV dual-cure elastomeric acrylate conformal coating with superior flexibility compared to other UV-curable coatings, it is formulated at a higher viscosity to ensure compatibility with alternate application systems while reducing capillarity and flow.


4. UV92 and UV20 GELS

HumiSeal's product portfolio expands with the introduction of UV92 and UV20 GEL products. UV92 Gel is a fast-curing, peelable masking material that cures within a mere one minute using long-wave black light. It stands out for leaving no residues when removed. UV20 Gel, on the other hand, is designed as a rapid UV curing staking compound that offers sturdy support for large components in high-vibration operating environments.


5. Low odor Conformal Coating 1A33

HumiSeal has breathed new life into its classic polyurethane conformal coating, 1A33. The company has introduced more user-friendly aromatic solvents and improved application performance. In addition to this, HumiSeal offers 1A33LOS, which incorporates low-odor solvents for a cleaner workplace, and 1A33LOF, featuring low-odor solvents and a reduced cure time to achieve full cross-linking.


How to Choose the Most Suitable HumiSeal Product for You

Tex Year, as the premier distributor for HumiSeal® in Taiwan, we have over 40 years of experience in representing electronic moisture and conformal coatings. Committed to the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, Tex Year offers a range of circuit board protection coatings, including UVA 300, UV40 LED, UV500-2, UV92, UV20 GEL, and 1A33. These coatings provide eco-friendly solutions. Tex Year will continue to focus on sustainability issues in the future, providing comprehensive solutions with green materials to meet the evolving needs of the electronics industry.


Tex Year's unwavering commitment to sustainability, paired with its innovative approach to conformal coatings, positions the company as a pioneer in the field, offering solutions that are not just eco-friendly but also highly effective and efficient for the ever-evolving electronics industry.



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