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Speaker, also known as "loudspeaker", is a very commonly used electroacoustic transducer, which is widely used in various electronic appliances and industrial products.
The loudspeaker is generally composed of magnetic return system, vibration system and supporting auxiliary system.


Magnetic return system
The magnetic loop of the speaker can be divided into two types: external magnetic loop and internal magnetic loop, which are usually composed of permanent magnet, core column and magnetic guide plate. Its main function is to provide magnetic field for voice coil, so that it can reciprocate with the signal of audio power.
The adhesive used in this position is called "magnetic return adhesive" or "magnetic circuit adhesive".


Vibration system
The vibration system of loudspeaker is composed of drum basin, elastic wave and voice coil, which is also called the "center".
The adhesive used in this position is called "center adhesive".


Supporting auxiliary system
The supporting auxiliary system of the speaker is usually composed of the basin frame, vibrating edge and dust cover.