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Elevators / Motors / Transformers

Elevators / Motors /  Transformers

Elevators|There are two types of elevators: car lifts and escalators.
The application of adhesives in car lifts include: 

  • Adhesive for lift reinforcement|Used as an adhesive for lift reinforcement, which has long-term durability, low appearance shrinkage stress, and can avoid deformation caused by residual stress to ensure the stability, aesthetics and safety of the lift structure. 
  • Bonding of aluminium cellular flooring|For the bonding of aluminium cellular flooring, which does not require heating and the curing time is short, saving man-hours. The use of aluminium waffle flooring can significantly reduce the weight of the lift car, reduce the size of the guide rails, wire ropes and traction motors, so as to reduce costs.
  • The main application of adhesives in escalators is the bonding of treads and internal and external decks, which require high reliability and weather resistance.

Motor|Motor, is a component that can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.
Large motors, such as automobile motors, FA servo motors, elevator traction motors, have the characteristics of high power, high frequency of use, and harsh use environment, so they need high reliability.

  • Denka HARDLOC high temperature resistant SGA|Denka high temperature resistant SGA is applicable to the bonding of rotor magnetic steel with long-term working temperature of 130 ℃. Its extremely high reliability has been praised for more than 20 years.

Transformers|Transformer is a device that uses electromagnetic induction principle to change AC voltage. It is mainly composed of primary coil, secondary coil and magnetic core.

  • SGA|SGA can be used for magnetic core bonding, which is easy to operate. Effective bonding can be achieved by gluing it on both sides respectively; It has excellent low temperature resistance, can work in the environment of - 60 ℃~60 ℃ for a long time.