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Environmental protection and sustainable industry

Environmental protection and  sustainable industry

With the increasing attention paid to environmental protection in today's society, the garbage disposal method is no longer the former burial one. Taiwan's waste problem is a heavy burden on the environment of the island, a threat to the health of the living environment, and costs the government and society a lot in cleaning and transportation.


The combustible content of garbage accounts for 80~90%, and the water content accounts for 45~49%. The physical composition of garbage is 26~37% for paper, 17~21% for plastic, 4~8% for metal, 4~8% for glass and 10~35% for kitchen waste (as high as 35% in Taipei). It is estimated that the recyclable substances account for about 30~50%, so it should be fully recycled for recycling and reach the function of reducing the amount.


We provide large vibration transport equipment, which can provide a good and stable transport scheme for the classification of waste. We also have a high temperature and corrosion resistant efficient large vibrator for the incinerated slag to provide customers with a transport scheme for reprocessing waste.