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HumiSeal® Conformal Coating

HumiSeal® Conformal Coating

Tex Year , a Professional Official Distributor of HumiSeal since 1991, Conformal coating is a protective chemical coating that ‘conforms’ to the circuit board technique. Its purpose is to protect electronic circuits preventing corrosion from harsh environments that may contain moisture and or chemical contaminants.


HumiSeal has complete product line include Acrylic (AR) series, Urethane (PU) series, Synthetic Rubber (RU) series, Silicone (SR) series, water based series, UV Curable series characterized with environmental friendliness, fast curing and high efficiency.


There are also diluents, strippers and peelable masks available for use.
HumiSeal®, the leader in electronics protection and the largest brand of conformal coating in the world with more than 60 years of experience. It is a company specialized in the production of circuit board protective coating under Chase Corporation of the United States.

Product Name
Product Specification
Acrylic Conformal Coatings

Most Popular : 1B31, 1B31LTX
1B73, 1R32A-2
HumiSeal® Acrylic base is a fast drying, single component, acrylic conformal coating intended for use on PCB assemblies.
1B73EPA demonstrates excellent flexibility. It meets MIL-I-46058C qualified, UL recognized, IPC-CC-830 and RoHS compliance.
Acrylic conformal coatings are perhaps the most popular of all conformal coating materials as they are easy to apply and remove, with a wide process window for use. Acrylic coatings dry rapidly, are fungus resistant and provide long pot life. Additionally, acrylic materials produce little or no heat during the curing process, eliminating potential damage to heat sensitive components. The coatings possess low shrinkage, provide significant humidity resistance and exhibit low glass transition temperatures.
Industrial Controls Electronics
Urethane Conformal Coatings

Most Popular : 1A27
1A27LTX, 1A33
1A33LTX, 1A33LOS
Polyurethane coatings are available in either single or two-component formulations. Both options provide excellent humidity resistance and far greater chemical resistance than acrylic coatings. Single component polyurethanes, while easy-to-apply and enjoy long pot life,
Removing a polyurethane coating can be difficult due to its a very high resistance to solvents. For single-component urethanes, the preferred method of removal is by using a burn through (solder iron or other) technique. Specially formulated strippers could also to completely remove the coating from an entire PCB assembly for more wide-ranging rework. These products do not necessarily represent our complete urethane range.
Automotive Electronics
Industrial control
UV Curable Conformal Coatings(Type AR/UR)

Most Popular : UV40
UV40-250, UV40 LED
UV50LV, UV500
HumiSeal’s UV curable conformal coatings represent an exciting innovation that provides superior performance. When combined with extremely fast curing, allows for short cycle times and maximum production speeds. These products can be sprayed using traditional automated spray equipment with the relatively simple addition of a small-footprint UV light curing unit.
HumiSeal has developed a range of UV curable coatings that are unique within the industry which include:
-100% solids, with minimal environmental impact
- Superb adhesion to a wide range of commonly used solder resists
- High IR (insulation resistance) and MIR (moisture insulation resistance)
- Resistance to a wide range of solvents
- Great flexibility at a wide range of temperatures
- Secondary moisture cure mechanism for shadowed areas
Automotive Electronics
Industrial control
Synthetic Rubber Conformal Coatings

Most Popular : 1B51NSLU
1B58LU, 1B59LU
HumiSeal 1B51 conformal coating has:
-excellent moisture and environmental protection for printed circuit assemblies
-extremely low moisture vapor permeability
-excellent flexibility, enabling low stress on components
HumiSeal’s Synthetic Rubber products are unique formulations that may enable the user to achieve specific protection / environmental goals not offered by “traditional” coatings. Synthetic Rubber materials are characterized by extremely low glass transition temperatures, resulting in stable modulus over a wide temperature range and extreme flexibility. Synthetic Rubbers have the least moisture permeability of all resins currently available. These products do not necessarily represent our complete Synthetic Rubber range.
Industrial Controls Electronics
Silicone Conformal Coatings

Most Popular : 1C49, 1C51
HumiSeal® 1C55 conformal coating is:
silicone based, fluoresces under UV light, thermal cure, single component, high solids, no VOCs or solvent, low toxicity, excellent environmental resistance and moisture resistance.
Silicone conformal coatings are most widely used in high-temperature environments due to their innate ability to withstand prolonged exposure to higher temperatures than most other conformal coating chemistries. This attribute has made them the primary choice for under hood automotive applications. They are also capable of being applied in thicker films making them useful as a vibration dampening/isolation tool if the coated assembly is to be placed in a high vibration environment.
Industrial control
Aerosol conformal coating

Most Popular : 1B73 Aerosol
1A33 Aerosol, 1B31 Aerosol.
HumiSeal aerosol products are fast drying, clear coatings available in convenient aerosol cans. Solvent and water based products are available.
Conformal coatings can be successfully applied to substrates that have been cleaned prior to coating and also to substrates assembled with low residue “no clean” materials. Users should perform adequate testing to confirm compatibility between the conformal coating and their particular assembly materials, process conditions and cleanliness level. Please contact a HumiSeal representative for additional information.
PCBA stands for Printed Circuit Board Assembly