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UV Curable Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

UV Curable Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

During the assembly of the display screen, a lot of manpower will be used to attach the tape. With the increasing demand for automation, the traditional transparent double-sided adhesive needs to go through die cutting/manual attachment/removal of release film, which makes the automation of the production line more difficult.


In order to match the customer's concept of "lights off factory", Tex Year specially developed a UV curing pressure sensitive adhesive. After the dispensing/spraying process to apply the adhesive at the place where the adhesive needs to be prepared, the adhesive will become sticky after UV curing, and the subsequent assembly process can be carried out. The adhesive will not be transferred to the adhesive during rework, and the adhesive can be re-applied without re-gluing.


This type of product has been adopted by many customers, such as panel industry, backlight module assembly, complete machine assembly and other industries.

Product Name
Product Specification
Universal UV curable pressure sensitive adhesive
1565 series
Appearance:colorless transparent liquid
Viscosity:3,400 cps
Curing method:UV curing
It is a UV curable pressure sensitive adhesive with low viscosity and good fluidity. It is soft and elastic after curing at appropriate UV wavelength. It can replace transparent double-sided adhesive and be used in automatic production lines. It has certain bonding strength to glass, plastic and metal.
Suitable industries:panel industry, backlight module assembly and other industries.
Laptops / Desktop display / Vehicle mounted
TVs / Large size displays
Industrial control