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Large Vibrating Equipment / Large Vibrator

Large Vibrating Equipment

Large vibrating equipment is included vibrating dryers, vibrating conveyors, vibrating sifters, electromagnetic vibrating machines, and waterproof electromagnetic vibrating machines.

These vibrating machines are used for screening, drying, and conveying materials, and they enhance the efficiency of material handling operations through vibration conveying equipment. The industries where vibrating equipment finds application include food, chemicals, and waste processing plants, among various other fields.

Vibrating Dryers | Can uniformly dry and cool any material, suitable for food, pharmaceuticals, plastics, fertilizers, sugar, coffee beans, and more.

Vibrating Conveyors | Can uniformly dry and cool any material, suitable for food, pharmaceuticals, plastics, fertilizers, sugar, coffee beans, and more.

Vibrating Sifters | Precisely screen and classify powders and granules, can use multiple layers of sieves, suitable for rubber, plastics, ceramics, sugar, and more.

Electromagnetic Vibrating Machines | Accurately supply materials of any size, from tiny materials to large ones, with stable and fast discharge speeds. Suitable for rubber, chemical raw materials/plastics, fertilizers, glass, and more.

Waterproof Electromagnetic Vibrating Machines | The entire equipment is washable, without using resin or other coatings, ensuring safety, non-toxicity, and hygiene. Suitable for food, pharmaceuticals, and other materials.

TEXYEAR has been as Sinfonia distributor for over 30 years, offering customization based on customer material characteristics and requirements to improve material conveying quality. We provide comprehensive product consultation and technical services promptly to meet your needs.

Product Name
Product Specification
Horizontally conveying drive part
Low reaction force design
Reduce vibration interference
Smooth transport on the track
For general electronic parts
Automation equipment
Vibration motor drive RVS
The motor eccentric block principle is used to generate vibration, and the large vibration effect makes it particularly suitable for large-capacity chutes, etc. Even materials that are difficult to flow or easily stick to other vibrators can flow smoothly without clogging problems and pile-ups in one go.
It is also the ideal drive source for all kinds of vibrating equipment.
Food transport (sugar, etc.), iron ore, granular substances, etc.
Electromagnetic drive F
It can enable accurate blanking and screening of powder particles, so as to improve the yield and quality of products.
Food transport (sugar, etc.), iron ore, precision dose, granular substances, etc.
Eccentric shaft drive BM
The balanced vibrator has a simple structure. The effective balance between the tank body and the counterweight weakens the vibration reaction force. The whole structure is supported by the anti-vibration spring, which minimizes the possibility of vibration transmission to the base and greatly reduces the bearing force of the floor or the frame.
Food transport (sugar, etc.), iron ore, slags, granular substances, etc.