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UV Glue / UV Curable Resin

UV Glue / UV Curable Resin

UV glue/UV curable glue, also known as UV curable glue.
UV glue / UV curable resin product characteristics: fast curing, solvent-free, good surface drying, toughness, non-brittle, high strength in structure.
UV glue / UV curable resin is suitable for bonding different materials. UV glue has good adhesion to glass, PC, PMMA, PVC, ABS, PET, PA, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, etc.


It has a wide range of applications, including optoelectronic display assembly, optical lens module assembly, temporary fixation of optical fiber positioning, glass and related art installation assembly, carbon fiber composite caulking and earth filling, enclosure sealing, electronic component fixation, related art installation assembly, etc.

UV glue / UV curable resin

Tex Year UV glue / UV Curable Resin has different series of products for plastic, metal and glass, and can be developed cooperatively according to customer needs and processes.

UV curing paint/UV coating UV glazing

UV curable sunscreen adhesive

UV curable pressure sensitive adhesive


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