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Small vibrator

Small vibrator

Full wave / Half wave drive part|EA/ER type vibrator. The new design simplifies the operation of medium and height adjustment and the installation of the panel. The miniaturization design has enough types of workpieces from small to large, which can meet the application and production requirements of various products.

Double coil vibrator|DM vibrator, which is controlled horizontally and vertically respectively, can stably transport long parts at high speed.

Low reaction force|LFBR horizontal vibration feeder, plate spring anti-vibration type reduces the reaction force to the ground, making it low in reaction force, high in accuracy and more smooth in parts handling.

Product Name
Product Specification
Dual Coil Drive DM/DMS
Horizontal/vertical control adjustment respectively.
For smooth and high speed transport of long parts.
Pen body, nails, screws and other long parts.
Automation equipment
Round drive EA/ER
EA type is applicable to small precision parts below 10mm
Panel diameter 150~700mm
EA type is applicable to parts above10mm
Panel diameter 250〜1,100mm
For general electronic parts
Automation equipment
Controller C10
Available from 45 to 360Hz drive
Constant amplitude device, stable feeding
4~20mA remote external control
All electromagnetic vibrator drives (within 5A)
Automation equipment