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Small vibrator

Small vibrator

The small vibrator, also commonly known as the small Parts Feeders, includes various mechanical equipment such as micro-parts vibrators, flat conveyance vibrators, dual-line area vibrators, and frequency-variable controllers.

Featuring a brand-new design, it allows for the control of horizontal and vertical amplitudes, offering the freedom to adjust the orientation of objects. It boasts high stability, enabling the smooth handling of even small parts over long distances in the manufacturing process, making it easy for you to enhance conveyor efficiency.

Full-wave/Half-wave Drive Units | EA/ER Type Vibrators, also known as Full-wave/Half-wave Circular Vibrators, Full-wave/Half-wave Type Vibratory Feeders, and Elliptical Vibrators:

  • Adjustable amplitudes (medium to high).
  • Easy installation surface.
  • Comprehensive size specifications, suitable for small to large workpieces.
  • Designed to meet various product applications and production requirements.

Dual-Coil Vibrators | DM/DMS Type Vibrators:

  • Separate control of horizontal and vertical amplitudes.
  • Flexible control over amplitude conveying capacity.
  • Stable high-speed conveying of long parts.

Low-Reaction Flat Conveyance Drive Units | LFBR Flat Conveyance Vibrators, also known as Low-Reaction Vibrators:

  • Plate spring anti-vibration design effectively reduces ground reaction forces.
  • Low reaction forces with high accuracy.
  • Excellent stability for long-distance part conveyance.
Product Name
Product Specification
Dual Coil Drive DM/DMS
Horizontal/vertical control adjustment respectively.
For smooth and high speed transport of long parts.
Pen body, nails, screws and other long parts.
Automation equipment
Round drive EA/ER
EA type is applicable to small precision parts below 10mm
Panel diameter 150~700mm
EA type is applicable to parts above10mm
Panel diameter 250〜1,100mm
For general electronic parts
Automation equipment
Controller C10
Available from 45 to 360Hz drive
Constant amplitude device, stable feeding
4~20mA remote external control
All electromagnetic vibrator drives (within 5A)
Automation equipment