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Plasma equipment

Plasma equipment

Plasma is a form of matter with free electrons and charged ions as the main components. It widely exists in the universe and is often regarded as the fourth state of matter. It is called plasma state, or "ultragaseous state", or "plasma type". Plasma has high conductivity and strong coupling with electromagnetic field. It is a partially ionized gas composed of electrons, ions, free radicals, neutral particles, and photons.

The plasma itself is an electrically neutral mixture containing physical and chemical active particles. These active free radical particles can do chemical work, while charged atoms and molecules can do physical work through sputtering. Through physical bombardment and chemical reaction, the plasma process can complete surface modification of various materials, including surface activation, pollutant removal, etching and other effects.


Atmospheric pressure plasma equipment |Normal pressure can be used to clean the plastic/glass surface and improve the adhesion strength of subsequent processes
Vacuum low voltage plasma equipment |PR low-pressure surface cleaning can activate and increase surface roughness, high efficiency and shorten working time.
Low-temperature plasma equipment|Surface cleaning/activation/increasing surface roughness, low energy.

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