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Atmospheric pressure plasma equipment

Atmospheric pressure  plasma equipment

Atmospheric plasma surface treatment is to produce plasma under atmospheric pressure and treat the surface of products, which can produce stable atmospheric plasma with the help of plasma spray gun.


During operation, air or other process gases are introduced into the spray gun, while high-frequency high-voltage current is applied to apply energy to the gas. Finally, the required plasma is ejected from the nozzle at the front of the spray gun. The generated plasma is electrically neutral, so it has a wide range of applications. It can be used not only to treat plastics, but also to treat metal, glass and other materials.


Normal temperature/pressure ion technology can clean the surface dust and oil stains, and activate the target surface to improve the surface energy and adhesion.

Product Name
Product Specification
Rotary plasma injection equipment
0 to 50 mm uniform treatment.
The speed is about 0~70 m/min (different materials, different speeds).
Electrically neutral, uncharged, high safety.
Semiconductor/LCD glass/automotive electronics/mobile phone industry/printing and coating/household appliances/cable.
Laptops / Desktop display / Vehicle mounted
TVs / Large size displays
Industrial control