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Ultra-high frequency vibrators (Parts Feeder)

Ultra-high frequency vibrators (Parts Feeder)

The ultra-high-frequency Parts Feeders is commonly referred to as an high-speed Parts Feeders.

This high-frequency Parts Feeders features a newly designed drive unit with high stability, capable of achieving 600 high-frequency vibrations per second. In the manufacturing process, it enables ultra-fast material handling, and its resonance point has an automatic tracking function.

When paired with a digital controller, it can be remotely controlled wirelessly, making it simple and easy to operate, allowing you to effortlessly enhance production efficiency.


High-frequency vibrators|for Chip filtering, stable and high output capacity for small and thin parts.

CCD vibrator|used for the screening and transmission of special shaped parts. Select one from Chip R 8, and use it with a special piezoelectric valve digital adjustment to precisely control the air blowing volume and reaction time, so as to achieve perfect transmission and screening.

Product Name
Product Specification
drive unit
Number of vibrations per second: 360~600Hz.
Low reaction force.
Increased frequency, less runout, less damage to parts.
Passive components, MLCCs, quartz chips, LEDs.
Chip industry
Ultra-high frequency
Self-developed software for faster processing.
Easy adjustment with digital piezoelectric valve.
Passive components, LEDs.
Chip industry