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Vacuum low voltage plasma equipment

Vacuum low voltage plasma  equipment

The vacuum plasma cleaner uses low pressure gas plasma. Some kinds of non-polymeric inorganic gases (Ar2, N2, H2, O2, etc.) are excited under high frequency and low pressure to produce ions. The sample surface is treated by the properties of the "active" components of the plasma for cleaning, coating and other purposes.


In the vacuum chamber, RF voltage is applied to a group of electrodes. A high-frequency alternating electric field is formed between the electrodes. The gas in the area generates a high-energy disordered plasma under the excitation of the alternating electric field. The active plasma performs both surface physical bombardment and chemical reaction on the cleaned object, so that the surface substance of the cleaned object becomes particles and gaseous substances. After vacuum pumping, it is discharged for cleaning, activation, grafting and other purposes.


Vacuum low-voltage plasma: surface cleaning/activation/increase of surface roughness, high efficiency and can shorten working time.

Suitable for metal surface to avoid metal oxide layer produced by metal oxidation.

Product Name
Product Specification
Vacuum low-voltage plasma equipment
• Brain-computer interface
• Suitable for 3D workpieces with complex structures
• Does not change the inherent characteristics of the body, modification only occurs on the surface
• The whole process of dry treatment, no pollution
• Low temperature processing, suitable for heat-sensitive materials
• High stability and long service life
• Low energy consumption, low maintenance costs
Semiconductor/LCD glass/automotive electronics/mobile phone industry/printing and coating/household appliances/cable
Laptops / Desktop display / Vehicle mounted
TVs / Large size displays
Industrial control