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Dry Cleaner System

Dry Cleaner System

In order to treat the surface of organic materials, such as rubber, in order to improve the surface adhesion, the technology of plasma torch has been miniaturized and the temperature has been lowered, and the "hot arc" has been changed into "cold arc" to develop jet low-temperature plasma surface treatment equipment. The outlet temperature of the spray gun is only a few hundred degrees, or even lower, and has begun to promote the application to household appliances and the automobile industry. Some high-tech companies have commercialized this technology so that it can be used for high-speed online processing.

Vacuum low-voltage plasma|surface cleaning/activation/increase of surface roughness, low energy.

Suitable for use on plastics that are not heat resistant or on the human body to avoid damage to the target at high temperatures.

Product Name
Product Specification
Direct injection low-temperature and atmospheric plasma equipment
Low temperature and atmospheric pressure plasma equipment with multiple nozzles (array type)
Man-machine interface
Suitable for 3D workpieces with complex structure
It does not change the inherent characteristics of the body, and the modification only occurs on the surface
The whole process is treated by dry method, without pollution
Low temperature treatment, suitable for heat sensitive materials
High stability, long-service life
Low energy consumption, low maintenance cost
Multi-nozzle (array type): large plane workpiece
Semiconductor/LCD glass/automotive electronics/mobile phone industry/printing and coating/household appliances/cable.
Laptops / Desktop display / Vehicle mounted
TVs / Large size displays
Industrial control